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Built tough to work as hard as you.

The Helios work light features the latest in LED technology with adjustable brightness controls. Its low-maintenance, slip, and impact-resistant surface is well suited for use in areas where oils, greases, and fuels (e.g. brake cleaner, gasoline, diesel, hydraulic fluids, solvents, etc.) are used. It's built tough to work as hard as you.
Helios Light Dimensions
Slim Profile

Slim Profile

Less than 7/8” and lightweight (under 15lbs) with detachable power cord for easy transport.



One-touch (press and hold) dimming quickly adjusts from 10-100% to accommodate a variety of lighting needs. (also see edit under profile in screenshot below)

High Lumen

High Lumen

LED output up to 8,200lm with large coverage area for consistent undercarriage lighting.

✓ Supports 15 tons

Helios is designed to support how you work. That's why we support up to a 15 ton load.

✓ Sealed from liquids

Wet or dry, Helios is sealed to IP65 standards. Helios provides you optimal light regardless of the environment so you can focus on the job at hand.

✓ Impact Resistant

Designed from the ground up for exceptional impact resistance, Helios is built to be as tough as you.


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Helios is tough